Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ok, Ok, so thus far I have proved to be a horrible blogger. I think I started out pretty good, but somewhere along the way lost steam. Ironically in my last post I was talking about how AF (Aunt Flow) was draining me of energy. So there, there's my excuse, AF!

So let me "rewind" just a bit to catch ya up to present day. Much has happened. Ok so back in November I bleed for 24 straight days. I can't believe I lived to tell you about it. It really was horrible! My AWESOME doctor in Missouri, Dr. Simckes proved I had a polyp via the ultrasound machine and requested I have a D & C once I arrived back in Indiana with my Obgyn. So I gladly did that, I knew that was the only way I was going to get the bleeding to stop. So Nov. 15th I had my D & C. Things went great, bleeding stopped.

We got through the Holidays. This Christmas was extra special, you see my mom is Mrs. Christmas. She really is. She goes crazy! She always has! She says when i was a little girl, one Christmas I got half way done opening gifts and I looked at her and said "Mommy, can I be done now?" Pretty bad when a kid wants to be done opening gifts! So this Christmas said "This is going to be your last BIG Christmas, next Christmas I'm buying for my grand-babies!" I love it! I told her if that's the case, I hope I don't have a darn thing under that tree next year. I hope its all for our babies!

Now lets fast forward to January. Shall we? So D & C went great. They got the polyp. I thought all was well with the good ole uterus. Well, yeah not so much. So I bled for nearly 30 days in Oct-Nov. Then I never bled in December and here it is January. Ugh! So I pick up the phone and call Dr. Simckes office. To my dismay I was told "Well I'm not sure we can save your cycle if you don't start in the next 4 days" Say WHAT!? All this anticipation and excitement and now, now I may not get to do my cycle in February! I felt so defeated! Dr. Simckes office told me to call every day to update them on whether or not AF had arrived. Well long story short 3 days and 12 hours had passed. No stinking AF despite my welcoming attitude. So Shawnie, Dr. Simckes assistant called and said they had good news! That they were going to try something "special" for me, I would start a round of provera to help regulate my hormones. I was over the moon happy! So for the next 10 days I took my provera. I took that darn pill with pride. As it alone was saving my cycle!

This taught me that God soo has this! Like I'm just the Point guard bringing the ball down the court, and God, Well he's the power forward. Every time I pass it off to Him, BAM, SLAM DUNK!!! God, you 'da Man!!!

Love and Baby Dust!



  1. He is the man! If we only saw his Master Plan we'd probably freak out even more! He rocks my world EVERY DAY!

  2. oh and my favorite saying "Peace, Love & BABY DUST!"