Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Room 110

Ok, so We're FINALLY here in Missouri!! I can't believe it! Amy and I left Indiana on Sunday around noon and it took us a little over 5 hours to get here. The car ride actually went fast this time. We were kind of nervous how we would do. It was the first trip that our darling husbands weren't the ones behind the wheel. It was just us girls. Dave's last words to me were "just get on 69 south, and follow your GPS..." so after Amy and I said our goodbyes and took off, you can imagine my embarrassment as I realized I was heading NORTH on 69. Needless to say, I haven't mentioned this to Dave. Amy and I made it about 45 minutes down the road before our bellies were telling us they were hungry. Just a side note...these infertility meds seriously make me want to devour everything I can get my hands on. Most every ivf women I have spoken with agrees. We have bottomless pits. So, Amy and I decided since we were hungry we would stop at McDonalds, grab some drive thru, and keep truckin down the road. As Amy and I were unwrapping all of our food and began munching on our McDonalds, Amy grabbed her Coke and somehow the styrofoam cup got a huge puncture hole in the side of it. Coke was pouring out of the cup like a garden hose. We instantly starting playing "Hot Potato" with the oversized cup. Amy passed it to me, then me back to her, then her to me...I was desperate at this point and heaved it out my window, while traveling down I-69. I hate littering, but this was an emergency!
During our car ride Amy read aloud the "Multiple Blessings" By Kate Gosslin, how fitting, as we are both secretly hoping for twins. It helped to pass the time along. We jammed out to some of my WOW worship CD's, this got us pretty pumped up. Kinda neat to have 2 wanna be mama's singing their guts out for the Lord while cruising down the highway!
So we arrived in MO around 5pm and were escorted to our room, Room 110. They obliged us our request for the largest room available during our last visit. So we were excited to see what Room 110 had to offer, as it was going to be our "Home" for the next 2 weeks. To our dismay Room 110, was a HOT mess!!! Upon entrance into the room, I was slapped in the face with a smell that resembled Daves sweaty gym bag. The old carpet had holes, as did both comforters, The laminate was ripped away from the kitchen counter tops. Needless to say, this was not going to work. We decided that room 110 just wasn't going to cut it. Amy, bless her heart, tried to comfort me by saying there are children that sleep on dirt floors. In the end, she caved too, and we quickly returned Room 110's key to the check in clerk. We told him we were willing to give up "space" for "luxury & esthetics". They were quick to oblige us and put us in a much nicer room. Its only problem was the smell. Thank God for room spray and Bath and Body works candles!!!
So Amy and I unpacked all of our things in our new "Fancy" room and crashed, as the next day, Monday was our first appointment with Dr. S.
Monday arrived and we were soo excited to see how our bodys were responding to the medications that we have been on. When we arrived at Fertility Partnership, we were greeted by Dr. Simckes with a great big bear hug. He's a hugger! Amy and I decided since our hubby's weren't here this week that we would go into each others appointments. I was up first, Dr. Simckes came in. He was bright eyed and bushy tailed (as always), this is always soo encouraging to me. so he came into the room, big hugs again, and then down to business. Started my ultrasound, and he said he was very pleased with my progress. My follies were responding to the medication. I had at least 10 on each side, he said this was great!! He kept my medication the same, and he'd see me on Wednesday. Next up was Amy, she also got a good report. (follow her journey at
Soo sleepy tonight, catch ya all up on the rest of our happenings tomorrow!

Love and baby dust,

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