Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blessed beyond measure!

Hello friends and followers!

Wow! Sooo much has been going on in my little world! Especially since the last time I have blogged! So I am gonna just do a quick snippet of a few important things, otherwise this blog post is libel to be 20 pages long!!! So here I go...

Amy and I started a "silly Facebook page" roughly 8 months ago. We started it in hope that it would bring us other friends and supporters who were walking our same journey. We wanted to create this page so while we were in Missouri that we would be able to converse about our IVF cycles with others. We came up with a "catchy" name for it too: Faith N' Fertility!! Well to date our "silly Facebook page" has over 3,150 friends! What?! It has blown both Amy and I away with all the love, support, prayer and fellowship our "silly Facebook page" has brought to others as well as us. She and i both realized about 3-4 months ago what we really had....and what we felt like the Lord was calling us to do. He was calling us to action, He was calling us to start an organization off our "silly Facebook page"! So guess what? WE ARE!!!! Amy and I are feverishly working to expand Faith N' Fertility into something even bigger. To spread hope, awareness, advocacy to those battling infertility and pregnancy loss.

Website- We are working on finalizing our Faith N' Fertility website: www.faithnfertility.org. We currently have a static page up, but are meeting with our web developer today to start to put the finishing touches on things! We are beyond excited!!

OUR LOGO!! See it below this blog posting! Thanks to Vision One 76 for developing our brand, we love it so much and can't wait to "wear it with pride"!

Soooo much more to catch you up on it's unbelievable, so stay tuned!!!



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