Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cloud 9!!!

Boy oh Boy!!! You know that feeling I said I had 2 blogs ago? The feeling of being a 9 year old on Christmas eve? I STILL have it!! Ok, so last weekend Amy and I went to Missouri to meet with the new doctor we decided IVF...HERE WE COME. Since then, that's all I can think about!! IVF, IVF,, baby, BABIES!! LOL!! Just for the record, I gratefully welcome twins! The road of infertility has been a long, hard battle...up until now! I am on stinking cloud 9!!! Like an IVF high almost!! 

Since Amy and I have been back home from Missouri both of our minds have been on overdrive! We both understood that our paths crossed 2 years ago for some reason, we just didn't know why at the time. Our friendship is comparable to an onion perhaps. A pretty Vildalia onion of course, month by month the Lord revealed, or "peeled" back a layer for us. With each layer, getting closer to the "meat" of the onion. This month, this week, right now I feel like the Lord has finally revealed the nice shiney first layer of the onion. Things are coming together! Plans are being revealed! 

Amy and I started these blogs not a week ago, and soo many people are emailing, commenting, and following our blogs. We also started a Facebook page together (Faith 'N' Fertility) and within 48 hours we had over 400 friends!! Facebook themselves emailed us to tell us that they couldn't believe how many friends were requesting us, and they were gonna freeze our ability to friend request anyone for 2 whole days! What?! THIS is our now, THIS is our time, THIS is our calling, I truly believe that it is!! Nothing makes me smile more than to open a message from our facebook page or see 10 more friends joined our blog, or Facebook page. My prayer and hope is that by having the blog and the Facebook page that I can use them both as a platform to spread awareness and offer support!

So a HUGE thank you to everyone that reads this! You are truly a blessing to me! With your love and support I'm just gonna stay up here on my cloud 9 and chill for a while!!

Much love and baby dust,


  1. Sweet girl...I just love you. You inspire me still. Your sit on that cloud and scoot on over, we will kick back and enjoy the journey together. Praise to God who created our friendship.

  2. Thank you Amy!! Yes! Praise be to God, he's pretty darn cool, isn't He? I dig him!! Oh!! I have TONS of room on my Cloud 9, so come on!!! Its pretty fantastic! How did we get by soo many years without each other? I'm super happy we're doing the "grand finale" together! Love you!!!

  3. I am so glad you and Amy are doing this blog and allowing others to follow your dreams, hurts and celebrations along the way! I pray for you both every day and every time I see your blog it reminds me to pray some more!