Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whatever it takes...

Whew! Today I finally picked up the last bunch of my new medication that the doctor started me on. All of them make perfect sense to be on, but it seems like such a task. Let me give you the run down:

1. Metformin (helps shrink my cysts on my ovaries) (3pills)
2. Prometrium (helps induce a menstrual cycle) (2 pills)
3. Folgard (Folic acid, B6, B12) (1 pill)
4. Synthroid (hypothyroid med) (1 pill)
5. PR Natal (Prenatal vitamin) (2 pills)
6. Fertility Blend (Fertility vitamin) (1 pill)
7. Baby Aspirin (help reproductive blood flow) (1 pill)
8. Diet pill (to help me get a little weight off before IVF) (1 pill)
9. Ortho- Novum (Birth control pill- I know seems strange! But its to get me regular and so I can shed the lining of my uterus each month) (1 pill)

So...13 pills a day!! There is just something about having to literally swallow 13 pills. If you asked me 10 years ago what I thought of someone that needed 13 pills a day, I probably would have told you that they must be 102 and on their death bed. I, however can assure you, I am no where near death! I'm very much full of life! My body just isn't working right. I soo wish it were. Never in my life would I EVER wish infertility on even my worst enemy.  At this point my body has been so poked and prodded at, that there really isn't any modesty left. Or maybe there is, but at this point soo many doctors have seen my "uterus" (for lack of better words) that I just don't care. From the HSG (Hysterosalpingogram - this was super painful!) to vaginal ultrasounds (so many of them I've lost count) to lab draws to cervical exams and biopsies to injections in my bum and injections in my belly. Oh and how can I forget! 4 IUI's (Intra Uterine Insemination). And...don't even get me started on how many ovulation predictor kits and pregnancy tests I've done!! Let's just put it this way...I have kept e.p.t. in business for the last 6 years!!! Seriously!!! Last but not least, my darling husband, David. The poor man, bless his heart! He has had to... uh hum..."hand over his soldiers" (again...for lack of better words) to the lab...oh... about 10 times!! That's a whole blog in itself. I'll save it for a day that I need a good laugh. You will laugh too! How can you not?! If you don't laugh, you'll cry! That's the attitude I try to have most of the time!

So down the hatch these 13 pills body will be strong, it will be mighty and it will be a perfect "home" for my sweetie! I can't wait!! I would take 13,000 pills if I had to, to get me my sweet angel in the end!! I bet all you mothers would agree. Would you not do anything and everything for your blessings? Of course you would! 

Blessings to all, and baby dust,


  1. Hang in there, Logan! From the look of it, you have a lot of love, support, and people praying for you. I'm sending you my positive vibes from all the way down here in Texas.

  2. So excited for you!!!

    What is the Fertility Blend? Is it a prescription or over the counter?

  3. Thank you soo much to both of you!! All of my sweet friends are really keeping me pumped up!! Jen, Fertility Blend was recommended to both Amy and I from Dr. Dimckes. It is just another supplement/vitamin. My DH has sperm issues and they make Male and Female versions of "Fertility Blend" Dr. S also said for my DH to take CoQ10 (300mg) along with his fertility blend and a baby aspirin. You saw my blog, so you know what all I'm on. LOL!!! Fertility Blend is OTC, they do sell it at GNC, but Amy and I both Get it off of they have the best prices. It is fertility Blend made by Daily Wellness company. I suggested their Facebook page to you!! Good luck!!