Sunday, October 24, 2010

Darling Husband...

A few blogs ago I listed all of the medication I was on. 13 pills. One of the small sacrifice's I'm willing to make if it helps me to become a mommy. However, in that blog, somehow, I forgot to list my darling husbands sacrifices that he has to make as well. You see, infertility isn't always one sided. As in me and David 's case. So under the recommendation of Dr. Simckes David is on:
1. Fertility Blend (male fertility supplement/vitamin) (3 pills)
2. Baby aspirin ( to help with reproductive blood flow) (1pill)
3. CoQ10 (another supplement) (1pill)
4. Vitamin C (another supplement)  (2 chewable tabs)

So all together 7 pills/tabs David is taking. It was soo funny, When David and I went to the pharmacy to pick up the baby aspirin and a few other things, my eyes were drawn to the pill dividers, 2 big ones with the usual Sunday- Saturday written on each corresponding divider section. He looked at me, and I at him. We both kind of chuckled. He went to reach for a pretty blue one, I looked at him and shook my head and redirected his hand to the larger one I had my eye on. Things "clicked" and David realized the pills he was going to have to take, were too many to fit in the pretty blue box he had originally chosen.

The doctor also told David and I both no alcohol (limited to 1 drink a day, or 2 every other day), and no tobacco. He said that he had found that tobacco of any kind makes the embryos (babies) look rough under the microscope. He also said alcohol was like toxic poison to sperm specifically.
David likes to have a few beers in the evening while he is down working on our new home that he is trying to get ready for us. His friends stop by, they have a few beers together, and shoot the breeze. To some this may not seem like a huge sacrifice. To David it is. David also chews, chewing tobacco (yucky, I know).  However, he has agreed to limit himself to 1 beer a day, and we are going to "wean" him off of the chewing tobacco. We are going to start mixing it with herbal chewing "tobacco". They sell "fake" chewing tobacco. We're gonna give it a whirl for him. David likes the taste of beer, so I suggested that he just get non-alcoholic, maybe trick the mind a little. He can still shoot the breeze, just with a NA instead!  He actually liked this idea. My prayer is that his friends will be supportive of him. Why would they not?
The doctor said it takes 3 whole months of being "clean" for him to see the results in the sperm. So if our IVF is the first part of February. Let the 3 month "clean" countdown begin!!! Whatever it takes!! What a good Daddy he is already! I love him more and more everyday! My sweet, sweet David, I love you!!

Healthy bodies and baby dust,


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  1. Logan - my husband had to give up drinking alcohol July 2009 and it was hard at first but it worked and he rarely has a beer. He's enjoyed N/A beer since the doctor told him to quit. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your husband!