Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas tradition

I thought I'd share a Christmas tradition that my mom and I have. I look forward to it every year. We make "Jewelry Christmas Trees". All year long we hunt for jewelry at garage sales, auctions, sales and we also save those dreaded earrings that you happen to loose its mate, bracelets that loose charms, jewels etc. It can all be used. We also look for new and old picture frames of all different shapes and sizes.

It's really fun to go through the jewelry and play the "oh I remember this" game. Its also very special when you are able to use family members old jewelry. 

We use felt as a background and pipe cleaners to form the shape of the tree. And of course, the ever so handy glue gun to attach the jewelry!

This year I decided to try something different, and I LOVE how it turned out!! I took a page out of one my grandmothers old hymnals. I used it as the backdrop of my "Jewelry Christmas Tree". This hymn was one of her favorite hymns, and I just LOVED the name of it " I Love to Tell The Story".  The neat thing is the jewelry I used in this tree was some of my moms, my 2 grandmas, and some of my husbands grandmas. So that makes it even more special. 

This is a Christmas tradition I look forward to for soo many reasons. I love the "story" each tree tells, and I love the time I get to spend with my mom when we make these! I know I will have them to treasure for years and years!

Here is the tree I made this year. I REALLY think it turned out great!! What do you think??

Happy Holiday Season Everyone!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We want to adopt

I have changed my train of thought. I need to start thinking more like a mommy. If my child were here on earth, would I not do anything and everything for my baby? Of course I would. If I could fast forward and see the face of my future child, touch them , feel them, smell them...would I not break down walls to get to them? Then why am I not doing that now? I feel soo strongly that God would not have given me or David the desire to become parents if it were not His will. I feel desperate. I have such a desire to be a mommy, and David a daddy. Our hearts feel empty. We have soo much love to give a child. So I am going to do everything I can do to find them! (Watch out mama's on a mission)

So I am reaching out to you family, friends, blog followers, and just passers by.
My husband David and I have been trying to conceive for nearly 7 years. We have been through the whole gamete of fertility treatments including IVF. David is 35 and I am 32. We are a loving Christian family and currently have no children (we have 3 angel babies in heaven from miscarriages) David works as a chemical/admixture sales rep for a Global chemical company and I am a registered respiratory therapist, and also own my own business (
We have one dog, Maddie, who is a very sweet girl and would LOVE to have a brother or sister to play with. We live in a big farm house with 5 bedrooms to fill! We have lots of land for our future darling to run and play on!
David enjoys anything outside, woodworking, and collects tractors. I enjoy cooking, baking, collecting antiques, swimming, shopping and anything girlie! We enjoy traveling and taking family vacations. We love Colts Football and St. Louis Cardinal Baseball. We love spending time with eachother. We are blessed to be best friends!

We hope that you will forward our information to anyone considering giving their baby up for adoption. We are interested in a private adoption, rather than going through an agency (for now). We know this is a major decision, but please know your child would be such an answer to our prayers.
Please feel free to email me at

Thank you soo much for reading this and passing this along! We trust the Lord has this all planned out, so we will continue to wait.

David and Logan Mynatt

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'll run out of breath...

Tonight I had a really special moment with my husband. The moment touched my soul. I think I will always remember this night and our "moment".

We were laying in bed, cuddling. Just talking about our day and life in general. Sometimes "life" passes by soo quickly you actually forget to talk about it. In fact... 9 months, 9 months has passed. 9 months since my IVF cycle. Nearly 9 months ago I had a dream that I clung soo tightly to. A dream that I would be a mommy. That dream was put on hold. The Lord said "not yet". I had a miscarriage. So here I am supposed to be nearly 40 weeks pregnant, but I'm not. Instead, I wait. We wait. 

The moment I experienced with my husband was a build up of 9 painful months. 9 months without a heartbeat, 9 months without an ultrasound, 9 months without celebrating a new life, 9 months without a baby shower, 9 months with no growing belly, 9 months without daddy feeling his son kick when he sings to mommy's belly. 9 months without packing the bag for the hospital, or placing the car seat in the car anticipating when baby will come. 9 months of knowing we wouldn't be bringing a baby home in time for our 7th wedding anniversary (Nov. 20th) 

Our moment was precious. Our moment was perhaps something people who have children will never know. I believe God gave us our "moment" tonight. We were praying to Him when it happened...

As we were praying I asked David to pray for a miracle. To pray that the Lord would bring us a child. That it didn't matter how. As David is praying he says " Lord, you know our hearts. You know we feel broken. Lord, we are waiting. We have been waiting soo long." Then Dave stops. He says "Lord we have asked for miraculous works, I'm not sure what's going on, what the hold up is but, I'm tired...If I wait any longer I'll run out of breath"

That literally broke my heart. He'll run out of breath? My husband usually keeps things kinda to himself. But tonight God gave us our "moment". I got to hear my husband pray to god for a baby. I got to hear my husband plead to the Lord. I got to see into the window of my husbands heart. 

When we finished praying, I continued my prayer silently to the Lord. I prayed that He would hear my husbands plea for a child. That the Lord would lift this heavy burden and allow David to breathe again. That He would hear the exhaustion in David's prayer, how tired he was of waiting. I prayed that the Lord would work a miracle for my husband. I want soo desperately for him to be a daddy. It breaks my heart. 

I was reminded of the days I used to be a competitive swimmer. I would have to hold my breath for a VERY long time. Especially if I wanted to get 1st place. Taking a breath could make or break a race. I remember some races pushing myself soo hard and being soo tired and wanting desperately to just take a breath. Then I'd look up and see the touch pads and knew I was almost done. I had come the entire length of the pool without taking a breath, I couldn't dare breathe "into the wall" (swimmers lingo for the final 5 meters) I had to "dig deep" and push myself to finish the race! 

I suppose our infertility journey is somewhat like my days as a competitive swimmer. We're gonna have to dig deep! And like swimming, we will feel breathless at times. However unlike swimming, the Lord allows us to call forth the breath of God to bring forth life!! 

I'm thankful for our moment tonight. I'm thankful my husband allowed himself to be vulnerable to the Lord. It let me see into the future. Instead of continuing to dwell in the past 9 months. It taught us a lesson. It taught us that ...It's ok if the ONLY thing we did today was breathe...