Thursday, November 17, 2011

We want to adopt

I have changed my train of thought. I need to start thinking more like a mommy. If my child were here on earth, would I not do anything and everything for my baby? Of course I would. If I could fast forward and see the face of my future child, touch them , feel them, smell them...would I not break down walls to get to them? Then why am I not doing that now? I feel soo strongly that God would not have given me or David the desire to become parents if it were not His will. I feel desperate. I have such a desire to be a mommy, and David a daddy. Our hearts feel empty. We have soo much love to give a child. So I am going to do everything I can do to find them! (Watch out mama's on a mission)

So I am reaching out to you family, friends, blog followers, and just passers by.
My husband David and I have been trying to conceive for nearly 7 years. We have been through the whole gamete of fertility treatments including IVF. David is 35 and I am 32. We are a loving Christian family and currently have no children (we have 3 angel babies in heaven from miscarriages) David works as a chemical/admixture sales rep for a Global chemical company and I am a registered respiratory therapist, and also own my own business (
We have one dog, Maddie, who is a very sweet girl and would LOVE to have a brother or sister to play with. We live in a big farm house with 5 bedrooms to fill! We have lots of land for our future darling to run and play on!
David enjoys anything outside, woodworking, and collects tractors. I enjoy cooking, baking, collecting antiques, swimming, shopping and anything girlie! We enjoy traveling and taking family vacations. We love Colts Football and St. Louis Cardinal Baseball. We love spending time with eachother. We are blessed to be best friends!

We hope that you will forward our information to anyone considering giving their baby up for adoption. We are interested in a private adoption, rather than going through an agency (for now). We know this is a major decision, but please know your child would be such an answer to our prayers.
Please feel free to email me at

Thank you soo much for reading this and passing this along! We trust the Lord has this all planned out, so we will continue to wait.

David and Logan Mynatt


  1. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years. We tried embryo adoption but didn't get pregnant, then moved on to domestic adoption. We brought home our daughter in April and she has definitely been worth the wait! Praying that God brings you together with your child very soon!

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! Adoption is such a wonderful blessing!!! Two of my friends through embryo adoption just got matched and are awaiting the birth of their children!!! Their blog links are on our blog page: Tammy's Journey and Chapman Journey to a Baby: both are domestic adoptions, if that is what you are interested in... I suggest contacting them asap!!!


  3. Very exciting news! We adopted our son this year and I must say, he was completely worth the wait & all the struggles. After realizing we wanted to be parents more than being pregnant, we stopped all treatments and focused on adoption.

  4. I have only recently stumbled across your blog through Pinterest. I haven't been able to read many of your posts, but I can tell that you and David are going to be amazing parents!!

    I love the feistyness and declaration that you're showing. I've been working with some incredible alternative-medicine people the past year and one of the defining moments that all state as a common thread w/ all successful cases of someone finally becoming a parent (w/ those of us that struggle) is what happens when someone "moves into motherhood" - which I just heard loud and clear from you. That I am a Mom and who are you to tell me otherwise!! Wow!!!

    You have this... and I know that big miracles are occurring in your journey! Gives me goosebumps!

    My husband and I have been TTC for the past 9 years (off and on). I finally had my moment this past year... For me it was that it's not about me... I don't get to dictate when, how, or who... That child's soul chooses us and has been waiting for me to get that through my stubborn brain. We also had to be willing to see the messages that God had lain out (which I finally started seeing even though he has been sending them for quite some time). I now know that he or she is waiting for us.

    We've found the agency, and are just starting to get things in order to start the home study to get our baby(ies) from Russia..

    Good luck, and I'll add you two to our prayer list.

  5. oh hun.. if u were here in Australia.. i would give u my 9 embryos from our last cycle as we wont be using them and have decided to donate them..
    Adoption is such a wonderful gift.. and i pray you get ur blessing..


  6. While I understand not wanting to go through an agency (and yes, it can be a nightmare,) please consider our experience. We have two drop-dead gorgeous and extremely talented daughters who look so much like us (except the extremely gorgeous part!)that no one believes they are adopted. They are 15 and 16 now, and were 3 and 4 the first time we met. We had been married for 20 years. After nine we found out that my husband was infertile. We wrestled with the adoption issue for years, weighed the alternatives and finally decided to go with our local state agency. That part I wouldn't advise, I'd suggest a Christian agency, as you and the children will be treated better, and at the time we didn't know that the state agencies place their overflow children with the private agencies. The bottom line is this; God is bigger than any preconceived ideas we may have about what we want and can handle in a child, or the method of adoption. It won't matter if they are 3 minutes or three years old, they will become yours the moment you lay eyes on them, because it will be God who planned your lives before even you were born. No parent, birth or otherwise, can predict what terrors they will face in raising their child. I say let go of your fears (fear is never from God) and put your names in at every agency in your area, go through the inspections, etc. (they aren't that bad,) get the training (free parent education)and watch God give you a child from right on your doorstep who would have grown up in the foster system if left abandoned. Then take that child like we did ours and love them into a beautiful, charming wonder of Christian young adulthood. We have turned the tide for two family trees, and in return we have the joy of watching the fruit of our labor erase the years of frustration. Trust me on this, you will love the child God gives you, and whatever pain you go through in the process will be over when that judge declares you child and parent. I'd post pics of my girls if I could. That would be all it would take to convince you.